Core Services Description

We have a simple philosophy – to provide excellence with a core focus on EPCIC and the capabilities that support it

EPCIC - Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation & Commissioning:

This is where our end-to-end project experience is in full flow. The words that EPCIC explain clearly the WHAT that needs to be done. You need to talk to DP Controls as where the successful solution is created is in knowing and explaining to the client the WHY and the HOW. We are passionate about helping the client see WHY and HOW our solutions will improve their effectiveness, efficiencies, and economics.

Our core team of engineers provide assistance every step of the way: :

System Integration for EPCIC:

Our engineering team are expert in creating pre-configured solutions that are incorporated into our EPCIC solutions for clients so to benefit from innovative integration of ’off-the-shelf’ hardware and software components. With an eye for cost-effectiveness and value adding, the right solution can be created at the right price.
Design and build of system architecture and applications
Integrations with existing hardware and software
Packaged and customised integrations

Automation Parts, the foundation of successful engineering solutions:

The foundation to all our engineering solutions is the quality and capability of the individual parts. This is why we are continually seeking out the latest automation parts and offering them to our clients. We gain knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work through our EPCIC Solutions so we have become an encyclopedia that our clients can easily refer to. We will supply exactly the part required because we know the entire WHY and HOW.

DP Controls – Your Dependable Professionals for EPCIC