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  • Intech Data Logging & SCADA System #1

    • MicroScan is a complete Windows® based SCADA software product, meeting the demands of industrial, commercial, laboratory and research environments.
    • Start off small with the world’s best ‘Recorder Module’ for QA, mandatory data collections, plus plant wide monitoring, or jump straight into a full system with Recorder and Mimic (MM1) modules.
    • Add the powerful ‘Network Module’ to share the data with managers, accountants, engineers, and others.
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  • Intech-Data-Logging-&-SCADA-System-#2

    • Live screen graphics.
    • PLC operator control.
    • Current plant values and configuration.
    • Intech Micro remote station support.
    • Alarm handling and printing.
    • Alarm logs.
    • Controller support.
    • DDE support.
    • Network support.
    • Up to 512 on/off software controllers, each with:
      •  Set point with differential adjustment. -
      • Deviation high and low alarms.
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  • Intech-Micro-IO-Stations—RTU

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  • Intech-XI-Series-Signal-Isolator

    • Isolating 4~20mA Input to 4~20mA Output Transmitter.
    • Input to Output Isolation 2.5kV.
    • Input Resistance 250ȍ.
    • High Accuracy 0.03%.
    • Loop Powered.
    • Reverse Polarity Protected.
    • Compact DIN Rail Mount Enclosure.
    • Available with 1, 2 or 4 transmitters per Enclosure.
    • Easy to Install.
    • Low Cost.
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  • Intech-XJ-Series-Transmitter

    • Field Programmable Bi-Polar Input Ranges.
    • 2 wire 4~20mA output(s), Loop powered.
    • 2.0 kV isolation.
    • 0.1% accuracy.
    • Reverse Polarity Protected.
    • LED indication of loop current.
    • Compact DIN Rail Mount Enclosure.
    • Available Standard or Special Calibration.
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  • Intech-XU-Series-Transmitter

    • Programmable via USB (requires XU-USB key).
    • No power supply or calibration required during programming.
    • 2 wire 4~20mA output, Loop powered.
    • 3750Vac isolation.
    • High accuracy 0.1%.
    • Zero Adjust pot.
    • Offset available via XU Software.
    • Reverse Polarity Protected.
    • Heartbeat Status LED.
    • Compact DIN Rail Mount Enclosure.
    • Available Standard or Special Calibration.
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    Weather Sensor Transmitters are tools for the observation and recording of meteorological data. Weather conditions play an important role in industrial processes, laboratories, warehouses, etc. Using weather stations will give you control and assure you will make the right decision. The sensors can monitor air temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, light energy, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall. The output signals from the sensors are industrial standard 4~20mA (loop powered), which will allow you for easy integration into a SCADA or PLC monitoring system of your choice.
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