Data Logging & SCADA System

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  • Intech Data Logging & SCADA System #1

    • MicroScan is a complete Windows® based SCADA software product, meeting the demands of industrial, commercial, laboratory and research environments.
    • Start off small with the world’s best ‘Recorder Module’ for QA, mandatory data collections, plus plant wide monitoring, or jump straight into a full system with Recorder and Mimic (MM1) modules.
    • Add the powerful ‘Network Module’ to share the data with managers, accountants, engineers, and others.
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  • Intech-Data-Logging-&-SCADA-System-#2

    • Live screen graphics.
    • PLC operator control.
    • Current plant values and configuration.
    • Intech Micro remote station support.
    • Alarm handling and printing.
    • Alarm logs.
    • Controller support.
    • DDE support.
    • Network support.
    • Up to 512 on/off software controllers, each with:
      •  Set point with differential adjustment. -
      • Deviation high and low alarms.
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